Review: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Review: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Chances are you’ve thought about watching this more than once. Some say that it’s good and some say that it’s bad…….So, is it good or bad?

What it is about : The Main character (Fujinuma\Satoru), is a failed manga artist who quit his job and now works at a pizza delivery. He is sent back in time whenever something bad happens and he can stop it. He calls it “Revival”. One day, his Mother is killed by the murderer who also kidnapped and killed two of his classmates 18 years ago. And so he must stop the murderer from killing them in order to save his friends and mother.

After watching all 12 episodes , It’s very noticeable that this anime has a few problems. First Let’s  look at the flaws,

(1) The side characters

Here’s the thing. This anime has a lot of interesting characters but only the main characters get most of the attention, the other characters don’t get enough screen time. Satoru’s friends are a disappointment on the character development side. How can I say this….they’re just there. They don’t offer anything to the plot. They don’t have any meaning here.

(2) The Murderer

One of the things that I find strange is the complete lack of info about the murderer. What are his motivations? Why does he kill people? Well, you get your answer, at episode 11. Why so late? And the reason why he kills is even worse than the (unexplained) phenomenon of the MC going back in time. I get the feeling that they stuffed it in at the last minute. The Murderer is just here to play the role of the bad guy. Nothing more to say than that.

(3) The plot very easy to solve

Believe me or not I was pretty sure who the murderer was after episode 2. Just look at the facts, link them together and boom……you know exactly who he is, no question about it. Of course, since I knew who would the murderer was so early in the anime, it got boring . I was watching really boring stuff. The question on my mind was always , “What’s he gonna do this time?”. You just look at what the main characters are doing that’s all there is. This is not how a real mystery anime should be.

OK, now that we know what’s bad lets go over to the good stuff,

(1) The Feels…..

You should give this anime a watch just because of this. I recommend keeping a box of tissues in the room (if you’re easily moved)  just in case you burst out in tears. There are quite a few times where you might. The main characters add to this by generally being very likable. But some might say the emotions are not properly handled. And I have to agree to that. If you rarely cry watching anime like this, then you won’t enjoy this show.

(2) The Main Characters

Satoru as well as his mother and Hinazuki (one of the kids who was murdered,also an MC) are great characters. They pump out most of the emotional drama in this series. Satoru’s attempts to stop the murderer is the spine of it all. His Mom (while technically not an MC) was a good character. The moments between Satoru and his mom are a good addition. She’s almost always there when something important happens. And there’s the drama between Satoru and Hinazuki, I think it’s very well done.

Now what’s left is a word of thanks to those who made it to the bottom. I know it’s very (very) long but here it is…

The Conclusion

If you’re a fan of romance or drama anime, you will like this one. It’s got all the feels it needs for you. The main characters are a plus too.If you are a hardcore core mystery fan than this is not worth your time. If you’re searching for a psychological masterpiece then this could more or less satisfy your craving for human fle…………….wait where was I?  Overall, if you have high hopes for this anime then you can come out a little disappointed but if you’re not too sensitive about what I wrote about then you are in the clear, you will love this anime.




3 thoughts on “Review: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

  1. The lack of mystery around the ‘bad guy’ is probably the weakest part of this anime, other than the conclusion which relies far too much on character exposition. There jsut aren’t enough potential suspects when you look at the characters introduced with any relevance. That said, I liked this story as a story about the main character growing up and overcoming past regret rather than as a mystery so for that, it works quite beautifully.


    1. Yeah, I was kind of surprised they didn’t give that much attention to the murderer’s side.But yes this works as a story about the past and the main character growing up.
      Anyways, thanks for the comment.

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