Review: Girls und Panzer

Review: Girls und Panzer

Girls riding tanks is actually good to watch? What’s you opinion?

Okay, here I am with another anime review.This time it’s an anime that caught my interest,Girls und Panzer.

Some things about it: Nishizumi Miho transferred to Ooarai Girls High School to get away from her bad experiences with sensha-do, a competitive sport where women drive tanks and fight against their opponents in a tournament. But, as luck would have it the school’s sensha-do program got revived when she moved in. And the story begins……..

As you can expect, this is about the Ooarai team’s struggle as they fight against much bigger and more properly equipped teams. This anime is fairly light-hearted so don’t expect something really bad to happen. Let’s just cut to the chase and look at the facts, I’ll let you decide if these points are a Yes or a No for you.

(1) The extravagantly detailed tanks

For all those in the anime community who have a fetish for tanks, I have only two words: Watch It! The tanks are pretty important in this anime, cause 50% of the time you are going to be looking at them rolling around the battlefield. The anime team takes extra care in animating these 3D tanks. You can see the detail on the individual rivets! The tanks look exactly like their real world counterparts. The sound of the tanks firing at each other is very addictive too. If you haven’t watched anything like this, or if you ever played digging out your tank toys in your backyard when you were little……’ll definitely crack a smile when you hear the first round fires. So, your reason for watching this could be for the tanks.

(2) It’s light hearted

I’m sure everyone has a soft side to them, even if they don’t want to show it. If you do, this anime is a perfect (near perfect) anime for your plan-to-watch list.  Please don’t mistake this for a girls doing cute things anime. There are some scenes like that, mostly in-between matches but not much. We only see the girls driving tanks most of the time. Though the time spent between the various matches is a good addition (this is what’s light-hearted about it). The difficulty between you family and what you chose to do, the uncertainty of you future are all presented in this piece. It’s a welcome for those who like this kind of atmosphere, cool and sweet taking turns…….

(3) The battles are good

The MC and her friends aren’t here for a merry-happy train ride. They’re put in some tight spots in the anime (the suspense train leaves the station……chu…….chu…..). It’s very fulfilling to watch tanks going around and firing at each other, right? But this is not like that, they use tricks to fool their opponents and it’s often the other way around, they often fall in the mouse hole…..but they do get back up. The teams they’ll be fighting against are not stupid,blind or deaf, they know what’s going on. And no way of playing is good enough to make them utterly crush the other teams. Also, people on the Oorari’s team (except the MC and her friends of course) are not so smart or skilled from the beginning.

(4) A lot of the other members in their team are ignored

You’ll have to decide if you are O.K with this or not. The other girls in their team get a reasonable amount of screen time but the problem is……we don’t get to know much about them (unless you watch the recap episodes but then again, the only worthwhile info you get is what type of flower they like). I’m not talking about characters that the MC will have to tame like a heard of cows ,they are not like that, but still It would be good if the viewers got to know them better.

(5) Now about the other teams…..

They normally behave like how they are supposed to. They have their own fighting style and they analyze their situation. They do make sound tactical choices. The MC’s team won’t beat them easily. We see them in action, but when their match is over, they will just be in the sidelines, watching the MC’s next fight…..

The Conclusion

   The tanks battles in this anime are very welcome (if you’re willing to turn off you mind for a second or two). The tanks are given priority and they look and sound amazing. There are a few light-hearted parts to this anime but so much that the battles feel any less tense. This anime ignores a large part of the characters, you’re only going to see the MC and the characters around her get any character development at all. And the sequel to this show is out…’s a movie and it’s pretty good compared to this anime. So, you won’t be out of things to watch if you finish this. Still, it’s a GOOD anime, you should add this to your anime collection if you don’t have anything better to do.



2 thoughts on “Review: Girls und Panzer

  1. I haven’t watched this because I’m not much for cute girls or tanks, but I’ve heard some good things about this anime. I may need to check it out at some point.


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