Review: Hyouka

Review: Hyouka

In my opinion, it’s something every mystery anime fan should know…..

You are looking at a successful hybrid of the Mystery and Slice of Life genres, no not him in the picture…….. Cause let me tell you, it’s something special….

What it’s about: Our main character’s motto is….Conserve-energy. He seeks a gray life, he doesn’t interact with his environment and doesn’t spare a speck of energy for anything, he doesn’t do anything that takes too much of his time. He is envious of other high school student’s rose-colored life. For him, he just can’t do it. He likes his grey life just as it is. He join’s the Classics Club because of a request from his sister, as the Club has zero club members and is going to be disband soon. But a chance encounter with a girl who is curious about what happened to the club 45 years ago changes how he looks at the world.

You could tell from the start that the main plot of the story is going to be about how his view of life is going to change. But is there anything more? Yes, for your information, this is also works as a Slice of Life anime. And it accomplishes to integrate the Slice of Life and Mystery genres quite nicely. It’s not about solving a grand mystery, it’s got a lot of smaller cases that are solved as the story progresses (there are a few decent-sized ones so don’t worry too much). So, lets discuss about what you’re in for in this anime…….
Hyouka 2.png

(1) Mysteries of almost all shapes and sizes

It first deals with everyday-life mysteries, then it shifts to bigger and more interesting stories. As I’ve said before, it has got a fair number of small mysterious events peppered in. The better stuff comes later in the show. Sure, the small guys are easily solved but when you meet these big guys…….you are in for some troub….I mean, you have to really think. I salute you if you actually solved everything before they told you what’s going on.

(2) The characters

The characters may take a little getting used to for the ‘average’ anime fan but they are all interesting to say the least, especially Houtarou, our main character. The other characters are all interesting too (initially that is). They are more real to me (though I don’t know anybody with a lot of messed up priorities), the other main characters around Houtarou are also different in their own unique way. Perhaps what make the characters more interesting is because of that difference.

(3) They don’t explain the characters well

We get to know little aside from what their personalities are like. That’s fine for me, it doesn’t ruin the mood that it’s got. But It wouldn’t hurt if we knew about their past and how things were like before Houtarou goes on a crime-solving spree, right? I admit that I might be asking too much form this anime so I kept my mouth shut. Some of the supporting characters don’t get much screen-time so that’s something to note.

(4) The animation is very good

I expect nothing less from a KyotoAni work. The backgrounds in individual scenes are beautifully draw. The characters are drawn very carefully. Visually, I don’t see anything wrong. The character’s movements seem very smooth and natural. It’s a treat for your eyes, a real refresher after you’ve watched a lot of poorly animated shows. Hyouka absolutely delivers in the visuals department.

(5) It’s fun to watch

Newsflash! This is what really happened that night………..listen carefully I will explain, ha ha ha ha ha!!! Okay, I’ll stop joking around now. Let me ask you something, have you ever had a slight tingly feeling near where your heart is whenever something that you deem worthy gets solved? Do you get chills down your spine? Well you might get that same sort of feeling when you watch this anime. There’s a lot of good stuff that get solved here (in this case you don’t get any credit at all so just go and hug your legs in your little sad corner). You get a sense of fulfillment when a mystery gets solved and it may be a reason for some to watch this anime. Watching hard tasks get solved in front of you will make you feel like your IQ skipped a level…..It’s a fun experience for a few.

There’s more, the anime will try to get you involved. It won’t usually leave you hanging to solve something that need’s some brain-power. It’ll use the characters to make your head turn to the screen. As such, you will not get bored, unless you have some problems of course.

The Conclusion

I will say it, if you like to watch a mystery anime that has some pretty good cases to solve and you don’t feel like thinking, then watch along, It won’t fail to impress. There are a number of big mysteries that need solving so the mystery fans will not leave disappointed. The characters can be one of the negatives but they are not (too) boring and they are all different in their own way, they are not obliged to act in any particular way (like doing every good deed that comes into sight). A lot of fun moments are packed later in the anime and they are slightly on the good side. I recommend a watch for anyone.




2 thoughts on “Review: Hyouka

  1. I found the initial mystery in Hyouka really interesting but then it just kind of felt formulaic as they went through the motions of solving other ‘mysteries’. The characters are interesting and the anime is beautiful to watch, but I find it hard to recommend.


    1. The plot, characters and animation will pull a lot of people in for the ride. Yes, It kind of feels a bit repetitive later on in the story but I don’t think It’ll get poor ratings because of that.

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