Review: Saekano

Review: Saekano

Don’t let it’s looks fool you, this anime has some strong points that could add some sparkles to your week…..

Like I said, this anime is well worth watching. It has it’s own kind of vibe going.

About it: One day, Aki Tomoya, an otaku, through fate, has an encounter with a beautiful girl while riding his bike, but he doesn’t remember what she looks like. He plans to make her the ‘main heroine’ of a game based on that faithful day. He recruits other girls in to his circle to basically help him make his dream game.

Now, lets get down to business. What makes this one so good?

(1) The main characters

I’m gonna let loose the big secret, ready?………..It’s a harem. No, no it’s not what you think. There’s no overly harem action here, I won’t lie, there are things similar to that, but it’s not your typical harem. The girls are all trying to get the same person but they won’t do anything obvious with the guy for too long. On a side note, it’s also an ecchi. Though it does feature a few ecchi moments, the fan service is light (like a few shots from different angles and the rare boob shots). Saekano doesn’t have any scenes that will make you uncomfortable.

Phew….we’ve past that mess. It starts getting real right now.
The girls are very likable. They have some funny and embarrassing moments.Their feelings for the MC are very relatable. And they look very good. Here’s what I mean,

Screenshot (15).png
Eriri Sawamura Spencer
Screenshot (21).png
Kasumigaoka Utaha
Screenshot (19).png
Katou Megumi

They each have their own traits and they are all great additions to the story. After all, these girls are the main attractions in this show. Every one of the three above deserve our guy, Aki Tomoya. Simply put, every girl is ‘best’ girl. Different people will lean towards a certain girl. Trust me, you will be rooting for one of them. Each girl has her own special moment with Tomoya before they fully commit to helping him make his game.

(2) The humor

It pulls of it’s humor well. The characters are all there to add to it. The music kicks in at the right times and the soundtrack closely matches the mood. It makes some use of color at times but not to the level of uhm,say……No Game No Life. The jokes are well done too. The MC does some funny reactions to the ‘funny’ situations. He provides commentary to the show. You’ll just have to watch it to believe me on this one.

(3) The romance

Please note that this is a kind of romance when you look at it in a way. All the girls get their own episode where the main attention is them. You discover how each girl met Tomoya and what happened to their previous relationship, they all fell or falls for him at some point. You’ll definitely be betting own your own girl to win. I’ll call it the Waifu Wars. But it’s not too serious most of the time.

The Conclusion

This anime has very interesting characters that everyone can relate to, the girls are complete with their own appeal. One of them will catch your interest. There’s not a lot of fanservice. I’ll actually find it to be ‘light’. It’s has it’s humor spot on target by the way and the music is perfect for it. The MC’s jokes\reactions to the funny situations are hilarious. It’s not too far fetched to say that it’s better as a comedy than a romance, the romance does deserve some praise but I enjoyed the comedy more. Saekano has references to otaku culture, the show sort of seem’s like it’s aimed at otakus, although that doesn’t mean that you will not like it.

My recommendation?  Well, give episode 1 a try (there is an episode 0 but it kind of spoils what happens and it’s got a lot of fanservice so watch it later) and if you like what you see then this could be one of the better anime in your list.

If you’ve got some gripes for Saekano, let me know in the comments below so that I’ll get your opinion, and you may even help me improve my reviews.





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