My Thoughts on: Working!!

My Thoughts on: Working!!

Welcome! Welcome! to Wagnaria,the family restaurant everyone’s going to.But watch out though, the staff there are a bunch of weirdos.

Working! caught my attention because its comedy anime with oddball characters in a workplace setup. Throw in the characters, the soundtrack, the workplace scenario and you’ve got a great comedy anime.

Souta Takanashi is offered a part-time job in Wagnaria by 17-years-old Popura Taneshima, she’s tiny compared to everyone her age. Anyways, he takes the job and starts working there, simple enough. The other characters are Todoroki, who carries a katana everywhere she goes, Satou Jun, the head chief who likes to pick on Taneshima,  Souma Hirromi, who shockingly knows everything about the people working in the restaurant, Shinafuji Kyouko, the lazy manager and Inami Mahiru, who can’t seem to get close to men and punches them on impulse.

Screenshot (69).png

The show makes fun of the characters. Like Souta (our MC) having a soft spot for small stuff. You can can guess by ‘liking small things’ that they mean small,cute things.But no, he even thinks a flea is ‘cute’! We get to see why the other characters have their own odd little things about them. And it’s in the most funny way possible. I had a lot of laughs. The humor is also strong with this one. Most of it comes from the characters working and their funny personalities. Yes, the characters do look like they were stolen from a lab. They’re empty shells for someone who has seen countless shows. I came very close to dumping Working!! because of it.

You get to know the important characters early on and new characters do jump in the fun wagoon. The side characters are also well established on their own but that’s it. The show doesn’t add much to the emotional side of the side characters, only the main characters get that kind of treatment. A majority of the side characters don’t get much of the show’s time. We see them just often enough to not forget about them. The characters don’t have anything that feels ‘deep’ to them, they stay almost the same. That’s not a problem, the show’s meant to be a pure comedy, though some of you might drop it for those reasons alone.

Screenshot (76).png

The animation is less than average, it feels like I’m looking at individual rooms rather than the whole restaurant and the art style comes off as uninspired. The voice acting is a little bit off to me, maybe it’s just me who thinks that the voice acting comes off as weak. The characters at first will feel very cliched and you can see stereotype characters almost anywhere you look. Working!! doesn’t break new ground with it’s characters, they come off as carbon copies of their representative types. While this show does start slow, it manages to redeem itself in the end. Souta is mostly harmless and boring but he quickly turned into the leading character of the show.  Souta really improved when he shows that he really does care greatly about Inami and the drama between them in the later episodes make up for the momentum it had lost.

If we were forced to watch the crew do nothing but work throughout the the series, we would quickly get bored and lose interest in the characters. That’s not the case. We’re given a breather at the end of every episode or more on a few select episodes. This focuses on the other characters and character relations. Good Job! if you ask me. Working! has great timing. The series’ slow pace makes it the perfect anime to watch if you need a break from another anime.

Screenshot (72).png

Now, let’s talk about this from a Slice of Life perspective. For those of you who don’t know, a family restaurant (in this show) is a high drama environment. Someone might be jealous, someone might be secretly crushing, someone might be having trouble with their feelings and so on. Taneshima may need some help reaching something, Hirromi might be letting loose another secret and Inami could land a critical hit on a certain somebody. Souta’s family does get a fair amount of time, especially his sisters (he has four sisters by the way). The Slice of Life bit serves as a medium for the comedy. Again, you have to be patient with this show.

The Conclusion

Working! is a pure comedy anime with an interesting and funny cast of characters working in a restaurant. It’s slow paced and a good Slice of Life. The comedy and Slice of Life blend together and the characters are very easy to digest. The episodes will seem repetitive at first but there is a lot of good stuff waiting for you at the end so I suggest you watch on. You’re gonna have to watch with your mind turned off if you want to reach the later episodes. Aside from a few short comings the characters all serve the purpose of the show i.e comedy and slice of life. All and all, Working! is a fun and heart-warming slice of life anime.



2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on: Working!!

  1. I haven’t watched Working even though it’s been on my list for a long time. I’m not the biggest slice of life or comedy fan so everytime I come up to this one I usually find some reason to watch something else. I will get around to it eventually because I keep reading reviews like this that make it sound really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I think you’ll have to put it off for a little while longer. There are a lot of other shows that look immediately more ‘appealing’. But you shouldn’t wait too long, it’s got three seasons, though I’ve only watched season 1.


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