First Impressions: Mahou Shoujo Magica

First Impressions: Mahou Shoujo Magica

Mahou Shoujo Magica is one of those anime your gut just knows is gonna be great. So, I convinced myself to post my thoughts about episode 1 to 4. Here we go!

If I remember correctly, I was looking for a girls doing cute things anime with a little bit of mystery mixed in for good measure. Well, until I found this that is.

No one can deny that this series is dark. Even from the first episode I could tell it was going to be convoluted. The music suited this dark theme wonderfully. And since Shaft animated this, some of the backgrounds look a lot like the ones in the monogatari anime series.

Screenshot (203).png
Just look at those shadows, and do take note of the angle of this shot.

I liked the idea of a psychological magical girls show(I’m putting the blame on you, Fate/Kaleid). A few people say that they don’t like how the characters looked in some scenes and I can relate to that, Yes, they can look bad at times but at least they’re not drawn like that in important scenes. The characters looked fine to me but I have to admit that the subrtact art that Shaft puts in here sometimes looks a bit out of place. The fight scenes are good with fast-paced action and a little strange looking but innovative (and a lotta confusing really).

Screenshot (205).png
OMG, someone please take it out of it’s misery.

The witches aren’t this way because because they had to cut costs are they? Please tell me they’re not. The first witch was pretty terrible but the second was better. The art is one of the things I was impressed about because it’s so different from other shows I’ve watched.

The characters do need a bit of getting used to. Madoka certainly has some likeable traits……I was skeptical of her easily accepting that Magical Girls exist, she should be shocked by all the witches and people dying/disappearing stuff that she got dragged into. She did regret learning it when the painful truth came out and the the character facial expressions are pretty good. I have to say, the general direction that this anime is going with its characters feels used.

Now about the opening and ending themes. I absolutely love the ending theme “Magica” by Kalafina (Its sooo epic). They only used it as an insert song in episode 1 and 2 but its nice to finally see it as an ending song this time around. The opening theme (“Connect” by ClariS) was good but my ears kinda lean more towards this ending theme.

There you go, that was my impressions on episode 1-4. A full series review is definitely in my mind so look forward to that. See you in the next post!



4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Mahou Shoujo Magica

  1. I really love this series and I kind of think the way the witches are animated is really interesting because it is so visually striking from the rest of the series. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so far and I look forward to your full review.

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  2. Great post! When I started I was like “This is going to be cute!” and after the first episode I was like “This is going to get messed up isn’t it. I want more”. I like how the witches are animated as they feel so surreal especially when they are next to the heroines. And I too love the ED. While watching the first episode I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but when the ED started I was invested.

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