Orange episode 1-4

Orange episode 1-4

So far,Orange has not disappointed me. It delivers in some aspects but doesn’t score that much at others. Orange is an all rounder in a lot of departments and there’s one particular thing that I enjoyed about it. I’ll tell you my thoughts.

Our main heroine, Naho, receives a letter addressed to her ten years from the future by her own self. The ‘future’ Naho warns her to keep an eye on a new transfer student, Kakeru, because he is “no longer with them” ten years from now.

I’ll just put this letter and ‘future’ Naho stuff away for the time being. Which part did I think was good? There’s one simple answer, the romance.

You see, as the audience here we have to THINK like Naho not to ruin the better moments in the story. If you blamed Naho’s indecisiveness,  you’ll be playing a losing game. Put yourself in Naho’s shoes and she’s pretty much justified for how she acts. You probably won’t notice anything annoying about Naho if you can really relate to her.

Yes, she does get on my nerves when she avoids Kakeru after he decides to date Uaeda and I can’t help but feel that she couldn’t do a single thing if it weren’t for that letter in the first place. It’s part of the overarching romance plot so you can’t criticize that much.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you my evaluation of the budding romance between Naho and Kakeru. Their relationship doesn’t click into place on the first episode but after that I was actively rooting for them.

Screenshot (230).png

It does show that neither of them have any prior experience with relationships and that’s a good thing. The tense situations on episode 3 and 4 showed that very clearly. At least Kakeru keeps a cool head and he’s honest too, not to mention his funny demeanor. If I was stuck watching just Naho, I’d have dropped it faster than you think.

Screenshot (231).png

The romance is very much worth it in my eyes, the Naho and Kakeru pairing is implied but they might not end up happily ever after, cause facts…, they’re absolutely adorable together and I believe you guys might feel the same or is it because I haven’t watched a romance anime for a while? It helps if you already ship them from the start.

The side character deserve mention, while they don’t get much of the initiative of the show, they do have regular personalities that you’d expect. When you put the group together, it’s a different story, they are faithful friends to Naho and Kakeru. Again they are just not there when a lot of serious things happen. There isn’t anything notable about them individually (except Suwa) so I’ll watch on and see what they’ll stir up.

Screenshot (236).png

What would you do if you received a letter that details future events? The letters from the future kind of setup has been used for a while and it didn’t ruin the experience for me. I’m glad to see that there is a third option on the table here instead of like just two unavoidable choices like most. This adds credit for the show.

As for how the hell ‘future’ Naho’ sent those letters…….I have no idea. And it’s not going to be revealed soon or at all for that matter, I can feel it. Still, I’m curious about Kakeru in particular, there are peculiarities about him that I want answered.

This concludes my impressions on Orange. I’m interested as to where the show is going as a whole and since this is currently airing, I can take my time and slowly watch it. Well then, thank you all for reading and I’ll see you later!




One thought on “Orange episode 1-4

  1. I’m also curious about where this will go and I am genuinely enjoying the group dynamics (though as individuals some of the characters aren’t really getting much screen time). Naho does annoy me but that isn’t enough to ruin the story and it doesn’t change that I would like to see a happy outcome for her and Kakeru, though I’m a little worried we won’t get one.


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