Kantai Collection Review

Kantai Collection Review

Firstly, I’ll tell you to turn off your brain for a sec. You will not find anything remotely interesting, it’s all predictable and maybe a bit cliche. But don’t let that distraught you from looking at the positive side. Let’s see, this has got girls dressed up as ships going on missions and blowing stuff up, kawaii character design, a varied and funny band of ‘ship’ girls and an air-headed, loveable but generic main character. What’s there to hate?

Screenshot (92).png

I doubt my own thought process on times like this, why would I review this kind of show? Well, for an avid supporter of the girls doing cute things genre, it clear. The whole idea of “fleet girls”, them fighting (like cannons firing……Woooo!!) and the funny situations  standard to every show in the genre that are sure to be there.

The story follows Fubuki who got assigned to torpedo squadron three in Chinjufu base as she and the other fleet girls fight the Abyssals to gain back control of the seas. Fubuki is clearly portrayed as best girl to a degree and that’s not a bad choice, I think she is very good as the central character of the show. The side characters have their own personalities and are on the underdeveloped side, why? Cause with every show with a large cast and an 12 episode cap, there is just not a lot of time to dull the edges out so don’t care about them. The characters that the show wants you to focus on are the ones that get shown the most.

Screenshot (264).png

A lot of the characters can even feel like they just empty on the inside and complete carbon copies. Then again, I shouldn’t be too rough on them, at least they had a few memorable characters like Kongou, Akagi, Nagato and Naka. But I’ll say it, the side characters are mush, the main characters are good so keep that in mind. The show gets a lot of the characters involved in skirmishes against the Abyssals and when there’s no skirmishes going on, we get some time with the characters to flesh them out. Any characters not featured enough have their due time at the base during those times and a lot of funny moments arise. And I can already imagine them getting some die-hard fans, Kongou in particular.

Let be honest here, the first battle was slow, unexciting and so cliché that I have no words. The later battles made up for this because they were more serious and thrilling. They make us worry for the characters as they were occasionally on the line of fire and it really seemed like they will die and it’s not like they come out totally unharmed.

Screenshot (102).png

The whole idea of the show could lure people in and it doesn’t disappoint (too much) in its execution. The nature of the show helps in getting the audience interested, ask yourself “Have I seen an anime like this?” The first two episodes were not exciting to me, it just looked like they introduced the main characters. Then it gets better…….


Screenshot (107).png   The engagements were one of the things that kept this from sinking, the main characters were also supporting it and the comedy served as something of an extra. The comedy and funny characters can be a plus for a few people, you’ll probably enjoy that too. The base has a cooking competition of some kind (not telling what!) in one of the episodes and I had a few good laughs watching the girls give a try at cooking. It was one of the best episodes from the show. And if you’re fine with getting mediocre character development you’re all set to go.

Screenshot (265).png

I have to mention that the 3D CG was fluid and well done though I can notice that the characters heads look a little on the rounded side at times, not that it’s disturbing so you know. I’m a tincy bit disappointed because they didn’t go all out with the battles but I guess its OK.

For those of you who don’t know, Kancolle is actually an adaptation of a browser game and man do I feel left out, I should’ve gave the game a try, though once I go in, I just know I’ll be playing for several days and it’s not in English so why bother? I believe that that the show is aimed more towards the literal players of the game but you can safely watch it if you necessarily don’t care about the details.

The Conclusion

Like I said, if you are interested in what the show has to offer with its idea and characters, you should give it a thought. The show doesn’t have much to show for itself aside from the main characters and Fubuki. The fun is there but it’s just like any typical show. Most of the characters don’t have anything to probe open and explore. The animation is polished and there’s no defects that I can notice. So if you have nothing better to do, I suggest you give this one a shot. You’ll have to turn your all-seeing brain off obviously.



3 thoughts on “Kantai Collection Review

  1. Spoilers Below

    It’s funny that the 3 “Fleet Girls” anime all have good CGI. Not sure why I liked this one besides great character design. Maybe it was all the laughs me and a friend had while making fun of it, mainly based around the hopes everyone would die when they got the the Battle of Midway. As the show follows/parallels Imperial Japans naval conquests in World War II. I’ll probably re-watch it this weekend now, thanks to you bringing it up.

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    1. I hope the upcoming Kancolle Movie has the guts to do exactly that. And yes, my brain was screaming “kids show” all the way through. I guess the characters were the main reason I stuck with it to the end. Well at least we’re guaranteed to have a season 2, that’s good news.

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  2. I do hope the movie goes darker than the show ever did. By the way the trailer looks, it looks very possible but I’m not hoping for anything, so as to not end up disappointed. I wonder what Season 2 will bring to the table.


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