Break Blade First Movie Impressions

Break Blade First Movie Impressions

Oh boy do I have something to tell you about! I’m hooked, yep definitely hooked. Okay, let me just explain to you what’s going on……..It’s just one of those times when you have nothing to do, casually strolling through google cause you’re bored, then you have this great idea to type some random title in the search bar and bam!…….you found a result that looks intriguing, you check it out on MAL, come to the conclusion that it’s worth a watch, you desperately investigate leads until you’re finally able to watch it before midnight but after that amazing experience now you’re too excited to even sleep? That is actually me now. Right, right enough of that let’s move on.

It all starts when the Athens and Orlando invade Assam, which resulted in Athens gaining control of the region. The Athens then attack Krisna. As the two armies fight, it is clear that Krisna is slowly losing the war, there is still hope however as our protagonist, Rygart Arrow is able to pilot (barely) a Golem built by the antients. He does not possess the ability to control quartz, which everyone is able to do even at a young age. Although he is described as an un-sorcerer, Rygart is the only one that can control the ancient Golem and it is now his responsibility to save the entire kingdom from destruction.

Break Blade 1.png

Yes, I do know that there is also a TV series with the same name that’s basically tells same story but I figured since movie adaptations always have a bigger budget, it’ll probably be more enjoyable if I watched the movies first (there are six films in total). And movies always have superior animation compared their TV counterparts anyways.

Like I mentioned above their kingdom is in a tough pinch so Hodr, the King of Krisna, invites Rygart to the capitol, unknown to him however, they have discovered a new type of Golem and Hodr is hopeful that Rygart can pilot it since everyone else have failed to even make it move. Meanwhile, a group of five Golems continue to cut through their defenses, quickly becoming a threat.

Let’s see, a new ancient all-so-powerful mecha, check.  Deemed as the last hope, check. No skills at anything whatsoever, check. That’s about all I can say without spoiling too much, there’s not much to say after all. Do note that this is still the First Movie so this might just be introductions. The real action is not here……..yet.

As soon as it started playing, the first thing that I noticed was how beautiful the animation was. The backgrounds were top-notch and so were the close ups. The shadows on the characters, the cool mechas and the fictional setting all deserve points. The entire movie was well polished and some scenes are just splendid to look at. There were times when they toned it down a notch, luckily only very rarely they do. This left a good first impression on me, nothing makes me happier than a good dosage of fluid and premium quality animation. Ah, that hit the spot…..

Break Blade 2.png

The second thing that I noticed was how the characters were protrayed. I know there’s a long way until they fully flesh them out but I’m confident that they’ll get better as the story goes on. Our main characters Hodr, the Queen, Sigyn, and Rygart get the most screen time.

I’m not being picky but strangely, I have a hard time relating to them. Maybe it’s the setup, maybe it’s generic, it may even be my mind playing tricks on me. Okay, let me think……….oh, I think Hodr seemed powerless, Sigyns too optimistic and near-sighted (you’ll see how close) and Rygart, underdeveloped and poorly represented. None of them have any sign of character progression and I can’t help but think that they’ll practically stay this way. What I say might me a little rash, we’ll see who’s right I guess.

Break Blade 3.png

The opening themes perfectly fits in with the Break Blade universe and themes that they introduced us to. We’re put in a world where people build cities made of stone, construct weapons and vehicles from steel, these have ligaments containing quartz, which in turn could be manipulated to push pistons, fire crystal bullets at enemies and ultimately control a golem. And there’s also a war going on.

Some people might be sold on this because of the giant mechas, it’s got the stuff alright though the fights are not as tense as I’d like. Aside from the face off at the end, you’ll be watching mechs blow up in style most of the time here. Rygart is unskilled at moving his Golem and he doesn’t exactly pull off any awesome moves either. Still, I’ll let that detail slide as it’s too early to judge. There’s just enough action to keep most of viewers entertained but not enough to particularly wow us.

So far so good, I’m hyped about what I’ll see in the next movie. Is it going to impress? Is it going to disappoint? Who knows? Will the characters improve? Will there be an epic battle? Will the story look a little more original? Can they add more backstory to the characters? Will the animation quality hold? So many questions but no answers……………………



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