High Schoolers can be really funny sometimes you know?

High Schoolers can be really funny sometimes you know?

Yuyushiki is basically a feel good anime about three high school girls in the ‘Data Processing Club’ and their daily activities, whatever they are. The three main characters join the club as it had zero members at the time and just mess around and talk about anything that comes into mind really. That’s pretty much all there is to the episodes. This makes for a tough sell because of how the characters don’t actually behave the way you’d expect, they’re cute but don’t let them fool you, also, the jokes sometimes make the MCs laugh more than us viewers, there’s more read on……..

“It’s better this way…..”

A word of warning before we start, this show is highly lesbianated. The main character’s motivations are apparent enough already. Even the side characters have lesbian tendencies. Don’t let that keep you from diving in, nothing too awkward, forced or over the top, actually has a very light yuri theme that won’t interfere with your overall enjoyment unless you are seriously objective.


The atmosphere is fairly relaxed. The story mainly revolves around their school or sometimes in their rooms, where they goof off like all high schoolers do. Their conversations can’t get any more insane either, from aliens, boxers and hot mamas to water (what is it actually?), potatoes and sandwiches?? Wait, what!? There’s humor in weirdness for some but the whole yuri group dynamic, plotless base and ludicrous jokes can make the audience feel left out. The obvious “three (yuri) high school girls goofing off” formula can be a valid reason for schoolgirl anime fans to consider. Or if you enjoy yuri, comedy, kawaii characters and Slice-of-Life, then jackpot! Overall, Yuyushiki is definitely quirky at times but also sweet, a plus for sure, not a minus.


The characters are the main driving force of the show and hilarious comedy and it’s not afraid to put in some adult jokes now and then. I don’t know if they need to see a psychiatrist or not but I’m sure something is definitely broken. They are absurd, airheaded and strange. A lot of the meaningless jokes work because they are saying it. Seeing a wacky character pull a nonsensical joke could make the jokes become infectiously hilarious. You mind knows man, it knows. When a character that you’ve established as funny whips up a devious prank, you can’t help but laugh, right?


Their play on words is not even funny most of the time. One of them says a word and the others combine it with another until it sounds as stupid as “Classy black soybeans”. The slick jokes might crack a smile or two but quickly turn repetitive once you are half way through. Heck, even the word “potato” is enough to set them off laughing. So, are they just comedic devices? Nope.


After all that I’ve said above, you’d get the feeling that the MCs are lifeless shells purely there to deliver the jokes…..they’re not. Let me introduce them to you first.

Nonohara Yuzuko

My favorite and undoubtedly the weirdest character that I’ve seen in a while. You just can’t get enough of Yuzuko, one moment she’s looks totally calm and the next she straight up jumps at Yui. She’s a little illogical (crazy), unpredictable but most of all a great source of laughs throughout the entire experience. I’ve met my fair share of perverted characters before though. What makes Yuzuko stand out is the endless barrel of laughs that follow and her silly personality.


Ichii Yui

The main main (a double noun!) character of the show. The only sane girl in their group and hangs out with Yukari and Yuzuko a lot, mostly because they won’t stop making a fuzz about it. She’s not entire normal either, Yui does get in on some jokes and sometimes she’s the one calling the shot. She’s the (obvious) red herring in the group. Yui is like our inside man in the show, she offers commentary and explanation the nonsensical jokes and awkward situations like any normal person does. It’s up to you to decide if Yui is another insert character for the viewers or an actual genuine character.


Hinata Yukari

Yukari is always dizzy and flustered in the morning. She mostly stays on the sidelines talking to Yui and Yuzuko, playing their little word game and having fun with them. She is the sweet, cheerful, kind and like Yuzoko, a little bit on the weird side. Her behaviour didn’t strike me as anything interesting and she is sometimes seems irreverent. She is also an obvious airhead though she is not as funny as Yuzuko nor as regular as Yui.


You might have noticed that Yuyushiki has its own unique artstyle that makes it stand out from the competition. I find it to be a good balance between the big eyes/head chibi characters and the more angular and realistic approach to drawing a character’s face. The characters are super kawaii when they do want to be cute. No one can resist Yuzuko! *evil laugh*


The Conclusion

Do you have a soft spot for cute characters and in-the-face comedy? Need something to watch because you’re bored? Yuyushiki could prove to be the right pill for you. The entire twelve episodes is full of hilarious jokes and even more hilarious characters. The outright ridiculous and weird (like really weird) group of three friends are a joy to watch. The yuri is also a great addition. They’re adorable, funny (and a little dirty) at the same time. You’ll absolutely be drawn in by the characters. Now where’s that second season at?



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