Flip Flappers Episode 3 Reactions

Flip Flappers Episode 3 Reactions

Flip Flappers has done it again. I’m in my room as confused as hell over how this episode turned out. Well, can’t say that I wasn’t expecting this outcome after watching the first two episodes, honestly the pacing hasn’t changed much and they are still throwing a bunch of stuff at us to justify what little explanation there is.

Firstly, we go into Pure Illusion again and get a list of other things that we haven’t seen like desert bandits, a peaceful village made out of sand and then some. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that the villain here got spewed in 4 minutes flat without so much as leaving an impression on us. That clichéd sailors moon transformation though…


We do get a hint of actual backstory but as you’ve guessed, they quickly ignored going into the context of it all. Still, these could get explained in a later episode, let’s hope it does anyways. This episode did surprise me with Yayaka’s involvement in Pure Illusion, I’m honestly glad she’s portrayed as working for the bad guys but we won’t know her true motives until Papika and Cocona go to school tomorrow, damn. Wait, maybe she was brainwashed? An alternate Yayaka in Pure illusion? Your opinions?

For what it’s worth, this episode is not completely useless. The big lasers plus the catchy magical girl outfits and classic magical girl action was great to watch and I can’t wait for more magical/sci-fi sequences like this but there’s just one little problem…


There is no way to get a grasp on what happened in this episode. I have so many question about the story as well as for the characters. It’s almost like they want us to be confused. At least it’s worth it in the end as we frantically needed a shocking reveal or two and it’s become pretty clear how the overall story is going to play out now.

Ultimately, Flip Flappers might not be willing to let us in on its secrets and the amount of thought that has gone into the references really shows that it is going for more than any ordinary show. It will either end up as a completely psychological experience that likes to mess with your head or a half-baked show that failed to make its characters interesting with a plot that jumps all over the place. I can already picture a lot of people feeling mortified if it does not end well. Remember, this is all just a prediction.


The evil cult that Papika and Cocona are up against is well equipped and the fact that they’re only at the level of collecting ‘fragments’ and whereas the sinister organization is collecting Amorphous ‘spheres’ probably means that they have a long way to go already. And the compilation that Cocona’s mind was empty and that she had wanted to kill Papika doesn’t make any sense to me, what exactly are they trying to conjure up? There’s only a tiny difference between Cocona and Papika then, I don’t see a reason why Papika couldn’t be exactly the same. Or is there some kind of connection between this and the mysterious girl on the boat in episode 1? They do look similar yeah, I’m guessing they will keep this under wraps until very later on.


The next episode preview looks to be more of the same so I’m curious of what Flip Flappers will cook up next week. But my enjoyment of the show is beginning to look one-sided. It is going to be another delusional wait. Somebody had better bring crackers if the show is so concerned about dragging its plot for so long.



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